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Metallic Tile

Landmark Metalcoat

Landmark Metalcoat provides us with stunningly gorgeous and highly detailed metal tile, liners and mosaics. Each piece is touched by some 25 pairs of hands along its journey. Landmark Metalcoat provides us with hundreds of original tile designs from old-world to contemporary, with every type of metal and finish imaginable. You will always find a dramatic piece for every installation.

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Sicis metal tile and mosaics offer seven finishes, with 2 different metals choices and 5 different mosaic patterns. Sicis metal tile is unique in that it can be submerged unlike other metal tiles. These metal tiles can be used as an accent on the wall or floor or even cover an entire feature wall.

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Sonoma Tilemakers

Sonoma Tilemakers offers metal tile liners, mosaics and carved field tile in their collection named, Estate Metals. Five metal options are available to choose from. These unique metal tiles coordinate wonderfully with Sonoma Tilemakers’ other collections as well as with natural stone.

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