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Wood-Concrete-Terra Cotta

Arto Brick

Arto Bricks handcrafted elegance is complemented by their rugged durability and unmatched versatility for walls, floors, and hardscapes. Field tile, unique shapes, sizes and patterns with a variety of textures and hues that emulate reclaimed or historical terra cotta. Also available in hard to find selections, such as pool copings, stair treads, balustrades, pier and wall caps.

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Rock Mill Tile and Stone

Rock Mill Tile & carries unique field and deco tiles with custom stains and wax finishes. These stains and finishes create the hand-made artisan look that is highly sought over by architects, designers, and homeowners desiring an authentic appearance.

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Indigo is an exclusive line of encaustic cement tile. Originally created by French artisans in the 19th century, encaustic cement tile has been making a design comeback, valued for its ability to instantly add an ancestral elegance and gracious charm to any room. Hand-crafted Indigo will help distinguish your design, easily establishing the room's personality with the perfect balance between classic and bold. Twelve patterns are available at Da Vinci Marble in a variety of colors. Custom orders can be accommodated.
See Tuscany by Da Vinci Collection

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Sabine Hill

Sabine Hill’s cement tiles are extremely durable, great for both residential and commercial environments. They are also slip resistant, and green building product. The modern and organic designs married with the tradition of cement tiles, a techniques that has been around since the late 19th century. Sabine Hill believes anything these cement tiles cover becomes a work of art!

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Tabarka is timeless tile inspired by cultures world wide. They hand-craft beautiful terra cotta one piece at a time and passionate about bringing artistic inspiration from cultures around the world to your project. Many shapes and patterns are offered with a natural and sometimes even vibrant color palette. Customization will make your project one of a kind, the options are endless.

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