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Glass Tile


Akdo’s glass collection with its clean lines and soothing color palette is the perfect complement to a kitchen or bathroom design. Coordinating mosaics, field tile and liners make it effortless to design a complete look.

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AlysEdwards offers cutting edge style and flair with her glass collections. The color way contains everything from vivid and wild to soft and serene. Micro mosaics, field tile, bubbles, and sticks are some of the unique shape offerings that add flair to any design

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Devotion's glass collection consists of 14 color ways in four different mosaic combinations. A natural, earthen color palette lends it self nicely to pairing with limestone or marble counters in a bath or kitchen, for any project style.

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Jeffrey Court

Jeffrey Court provides a large selection of different types of glass within their offerings. Throughout the glass collections, you will find unique treasures that incorporate textured glass, hand-painted effects, metalized finishes, foil backed techniques as well as the combination of glass and natural stone.

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Maison Surface

Maison creates distinctive artisan tile designs-from sophisticated and classic to wildly avant-garde—but what makes us different is the ingenuity to bring them to reality. We cultivate techniques and styles from around the world, developing innovative production methods and finishing standards through our global factory partnerships. For creative designers and luxury showrooms, we’re the rarest of surface design studios: combining a unique palette of materials, color, and finishes with outstanding sourcing and project management.

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Grid by M2 Innovative Concepts is your source for high quality architectural surfaces and tile. M2 specializes in supplying homeowners, designers, architects and builders with unique and elegant surfaces.

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New Ravenna

New Ravenna produces custom works of art in glass in addition to their natural stone. The company’s products extend from decorative borders, murals, and wall field patterns. The glass for many of its patterns has extensive variation that creates depth and artistry. Perfect for a walls, as a stand out feature or accent in homes, restaurants, hotels, casinos and businesses around the world.

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Oceanside Glasstile

Oceanside Glass Tile offers over three dozen color choices with their extensive line of glass. Their glass is available in the catalog blends and custom blends in the rustic Tessera or the sleek and straight Muse collection. Oceanside takes pride in their mantra “From Curbside to Oceanside”, which is their dedication to transforming glass into expressive design materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

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Sicis offers several special glass mosaic series’ that reflect light falling on it and through it. The variation of color and slight surface texture create their signature look. Sicis can be playful with its patterns and hues, while also offering dramatic and sexy mosaic works of art. Customization within this glass line is unlimited and they have something for every style of project.

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Sonoma Tilemakers

Sonoma Tilemakers have two very different, but equally unique glass lines. Vihara is a mosaic glass collection with 12 colors in iridescent and silk and several sizes. Vihara is very earthy with a natural aesthetic and can be used for an entire wall application or creatively spaced to give small nuggets of sparkle. Tantrum, is a glamorous crushed glass look available in mosaic form all the way up to 4x4 field and also in decorative borders and liners. Customizing a tantrum color blend allows you to create just the right accent for your project.

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Vetrite Glass

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