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Ceramic Tile

Da Vinci Chic

When plain wall tile will definitely not do, why not elevate the look and style with our new Chic tile?  Gently crackled with softened edges, this exquisite selection is both stylish and affordable.  Whether in the plain Cotton, Ecru, Ash or Carbon field or with the four-patterned relief tiles, the designs and possibilities are endless.  Manufactured with the most sophisticated technology, this crackled offering is perfectly suitable for showers and other non-submerged areas as well as all other vertical applications. A full line of trim pieces in all colors is also available and in stock.
See Tuscany by Da Vinci Collection

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Encore Ceramics

Encore Ceramics brings ceramic tile to a whole new level. While upholding a commitment to honor the earth, reduce and reuse during the creative and production, it is their mission to bring to you hand-crafted ceramic “gems” with timeless beauty. Nature influences all that they do which makes coordinating their ceramic collections with natural stone absolutely effortless.

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Jeffrey Court

Jeffrey Court’s ceramic field and wall tiles are hand-crafted, staying true to traditional tile making. The beautiful color palette of glazes range from gloss to matte and include a special crackled antiqued finish. Complementary mouldings are available for all of the ceramic collections.

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Red Rock TileWorks

Red Rock TileWorks, located in Nashville strives to make their ceramic tile as Green as possible. All clay is recycled! If a tile doesn't come out of the mold right, they grind it back into dust, add water and make a new one out of it. Red Rock has five different collections, ranging from a minimalist style to classic upholstery patterns.

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Sonoma TIlemakers

Sonoma Tilemakers ceramic line is very proud to hand craft their tile in the California Wine Country. They are committed to utilizing clean energy practices and protecting the environment all while producing a beautiful and sustainable tile line. Gorgeous glaze colors, textures and patterns are the heart and soul of this company as they continually strive to bring you new and unique products. Contemporary to traditional, this ceramic line has it all.

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Walker Zanger

The history of human connection with natural stone is written deep in ancient quarries, originally excavated by the Romans and worked continuously over the millennia. Although the art of quarrying stone has changed dramatically since those early days, what has remained constant is the human artistry involved. Walker Zanger has been engaged in this tradition for more than 60 years, offering our clients prized marble and stone from quarries throughout the world, each individually selected and evaluated by our experienced stone masters.

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